Kinetic Remote Systems has the largest selection of TechnoCranes in the Midwest.

We supply Chicago and all of Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Midwest and the Plains States with camera cranes, jibs, remote heads, and motorized lens control units for over 20 years. Our Technocrane selection include SuperTechno 50, SuperTechno 30, SuperTechno 22 and SuperTechno 15. New Arrivals include the TECHNOCRANE 22 which is lighter gauge versions that can support broadcast cameras and work cine style as well, especially paired with our Arri Stabilized SRH-3. We also carry the modular Triangle Jib with a reach of 6ft - 40ft . Looking for a remote head? We have stabilized and non-stabilized heads: the Z Head, the work-horse on the TechnoCranes; the Talon Head, with it's rugged design and programmable & repeatable features is perfect on any jib or crane; the ARRI Stabilized Remote Head, the best stabilized head in the industry is perfect for any moving shot. We also carry 3 different lens control units, including the ubiquitous Preston FIZ system. 

Supertechno 30 downtown Chicago

ARRI SRH-3 Stabilized Head  on Technocrane 22

ARRI SRH-3 Stabilized Head on Technocrane 22

Supertechno 50 at work on Chicago Fire