The SuperTechno 15 is a perfect solution for confined spaces. The base weighs 148lbs and a mere 2'7" wide, so it can fit through most doorways. The arm weighs in at 287lbs, so it can be removed and put into place by the grip crew. With the crane raised to its highest position and the arm tilted up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 15ft in less than half the space of any conventional crane. You have the option of operating the camera with hand-wheels, joystick, or pan-bar.


  • Max. Lens Height: 15’
  • Telescopic Range: 10’ 3”
  • Max. Nose Load: 180 lbs
  • Clearance (Width x Height): 2’ 7” x 6’ 
  • Arm Clearance Width: approx. 1’
  • Arm Clearance Height: 1’ 4” (16”) 


  • 2 axis Z head included
  • Optional Preston Focus System, digital wireless intercoms, Panamount, 3rd Axis, 4th axis, nose mount, outfront mount, weather cover
  • Hand wheel, joystick and panbar operating systems
  • Broadcast ready
  • Fully Encodable
  • Can be mounted on the Fischer 10, Chapman Hy Hy, and Sidewinder
  • Will support most 3-D rigs, remote heads and cameras

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