The SuperTechno 50 takes all the strengths of its stablemates to the extreme. It has a maximum lens height of 50ft, telescopic range of nearly 40ft and yet is surprisingly compact when necessary with the ability to get through a typical 7' double-door.


The arm can be retracted to 11ft from the fulcrum, which gives the crane an overall length of under 25ft when fully retracted. The motorized center post can raise the fulcrum to 10' 6", which allows it to tilt 60° and lets the arm put the lens way up! This also means you can put the camera anywhere in a 100ft radius without having to relocate the base. Standard and included in the Technocrane rental is the solid 2 axis remote Z Head with a 3 axis option. Our HME wireless headsets are available on all our Technocrane rentals.


  • Max lens height: 50ft / 15.1m
  • Max telescopic range: 38ft / 11.4m
  • Max camera weight: 80lbs / 35kg
  • Max system weight: 5100lbs / 2300kg






  • 38' Telescopic range
  • 50' Telescopic arm
  • 50' Maximum lens height
  • Fast - extend & retract at 6'/sec
  • Motorized center post with 3' of travel: allows crane to fit through 7' doorway and rise to 10'
  • Quick set-up: TechnoCranes can be ready to shoot in 1 hour 
  • 100' radius
  • Rugged design

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